From the Office of the Mayor

Gregor Robertson, Mayor, City of Vancouver

On behalf of the City of Vancouver, a warm welcome to all the participants in the inaugural 2012 Cities Summit.

Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world's most livable cities, an achievement that is the result of many decades of thoughtful planning and bold innovation.  Vancouver is multicultural, multifaceted urban centre and I know that we face the same challenges as other globally-minded cities in managing sustainable development and fostering economic growth.

This international gathering brings together some of the world's leading urban thinkers, entrepreneurs and creative minds around the topic of city-building. It will be a chance to learn from one another about how we can best leverage the unprecendented opportunities before us to shape the future of cities.

While we engage in these important conversations over the course of the Summit, I hope you are also able to experience first-hand what makes Vancouver unique - our people, our neighbourhoods, our creative community and our diverse cultures. 

Thank you for taking an active role in the Cities Summit and I look forward to an inspiring dialogue. 

Gregor Robertson

Mayor of Vancouver

About The Cities Summit

Our world is urbanizing faster than ever. For the first time, half the planet’s population—over 3.5 billion people—lives in cities. Another two billion will join them by 2030. This great migration is set to define urban life for generations to come.

How we develop cities in a manner that combines economic opportunity and sustainability is the 21st century’s greatest challenge. It is also an unprecedented business opportunity.

The Cities Summit, hosted by Vancouver, will assemble international business and urban leaders to design the creative, practical solutions for a sustainable urban future. Join us to take part in the business of city building.

Vancouver Green Capital

Where business grows naturally

Vancouver is becoming established as a global hub for green collar jobs and economic development. As a city, we are leading the new green industry with clean energy, mobility and green building projects. Our clean technology industry is growing exponentially, providing climate change solutions for the world, and green jobs for Vancouver.

Our reputation as one of the best places on earth to live, work and play is attracting leaders and thinkers who want to invest and work in a city that offers a promising and green future. The continued growth of Vancouver as a Green Capital also requires that social issues continue to be handled with the same level of compassion that has made us a leader in social sustainability and accessible services.

In Vancouver, green means business and the bottom line is our future.